• Family Medical Services
  • Corporate Medical Services
  • Minor Procedures & Surgery
  • Vaccinations & Travel Advice
  • Home & Hospital Visits
  • Industrial Health Services
  • Investigations
  • Laboratory Tests
  • X-Rays
  • Resting EGG

Medical Examinations

  • Pre-employment
  • Work permit
  • Employment Pass
  • Permanent Resident
  • Statutory Medical

Family Medical Services
All our three clinic branches cater to acute illnesses as well as the more chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension. We look after families and our patients range from children to the elderly. Indeed many of our patients have actually ‘grown up’ with the practice.

Corporate Medical Services
We have a number of corporate clients ranging from large companies to small and medium businesses. We are also on several managed healthcare schemes.

Minor Procedures and Surgery
This includes treatment of acute minor trauma requiring dressings and toilet & suture. Other procedures would include emergency incision & drainage, as well as elective excision of small ‘lumps & bumps’.

Vaccinations & Travel Advice
We provide routine as well as special vaccinations for children and adults. We also give general travel advice which includes pre-travel vaccination and malaria prevention measures.

Home and Hospital Visits
Part of our continuity of care involves the provision of home visits for those patients that too ill or bedridden and are thus unable to attend our clinics. Our doctors will also visit patients that have been hospitalised and liaise with their hospital doctors so that their treatment may be continuous and optimised.

Industrial Health Services
Two of doctors have DFD qualifications and are thus experienced in the provision of industrial and occupational care. This includes pre-placement and statutory medical examinations, as well as industrial health consultancy to companies.
Laboratory investigations and Electrocardiograms(ECGs) can be performed in all our clinics and patients for X-Rays will be sent to Serangoon X-Ray Centre.

Medical Examinations
We perform work permit, pre-employment and statutory medical examinations at our clinics as well as at Serangoon X-Ray Centre. We also conduct health screenings and our doctors can advise patients on which profile is best suited to particular individuals.